Monday, July 19, 2010

Walking, Thinking, Learning and Sharing

July 19th, 2010

I thought about the walk which I did last Thursday. I was having a small conversation about my final project with Catherine and we came across how our body reacts when we walk, and she told me it will be a good idea to write about it. So, here we go. I am not sure how others feel about walk but with me this summer every Thursday afternoon till almost evening I walk which is for me pretty unusual. I thought about it through this weekend how my body reacts when I am walking while listening and thinking about the conversation we just had about the A-mazing Laughter.

This is what I felt my body and mind was doing during that time: I was calm, my body didn't feel stressed(this happened in the past when I forced myself to walk), I was actually listening, which is sometimes hard for me I can't do two complicated things together however, eating and watching t.v works with me. My brain felt positive and fresh soaking in new and interesting information about installing a public piece.

Reasons I think Walking, Thinking, Learning and Sharing working for me:
Everytime I walked with everyone it was near seawall or water, the whether was nice and fresh, shades here and there, I tend to take very short breaks if I have to. I take two steps back, wear sun glasses, I cover myself very well (I need to) eat and drink a lot before hand and Hydrate myself very well.
Again, I am talking about my personal experience. If it is not working for your body it gives you signals so, please follow them during the walk.
stay healthy and laugh once in a while.

Jennifer Sarkar

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  1. Thank you so much for this post, Jennifer! I really like the picture you took of Richard Prince's Terra Nova outside of the Roundhouse. And I LOVE that you have posted about the walking aspect of this program! And about getting back into our bodies, learning through our bodies. I have been saying recently that I feel like a gigantic head walking around unaware that I have feet and ankles, etc so I find it poignant that you bring this aspect up. It does make us more aware on different levels. Also, an interesting element to the Terra Nova piece is that it has two parts, one of which is: 'Theatre of Discovery' and you are interested in storytelling and have talked about Theatre of the Oppressed. There are so many connections there! Thank you for this post!
    From: Laurie