Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tiffany the Polaroid Kid

These are the polaroids I have been most proud of the past few weeks of sessions. I am proud to announce my final project for Walking Home Yaletown. I will be taking three photos from five installations. These three photos will be from different perspectives in black and white film.

I took the first shot with Justina the Discovery Kid when we decided to go bike along the sea wall after being inspired by the second session! It was the first time either of us had brought our bikes on the Canada Line from Richmond to Downtown! It was so worth it! Not going to lie, we were wiped out! We started our biking journey from Olympic Village all the way to English Bay. We took it slow, enjoying the scenery and we even met a poet and singer/songwriter along the way!

This second shot is taken at an installation that produces sound and steam (!) when the observers step on the wooden planks underneath the barrels. Something about the pressure sends a reaction to the barrels above. I was completely flabbergasted! I love installations that not only are interactive, but seem to perform to their audience as well!

This last shot was taken when I w
as waiting around for a friend around English Bay. Who knew that the next session, we were going to visit this installation and even have the woman that runs the Vancouver Bienalle came and talk to us about this! I must say this is my favorite from the Vancouver Bienalle.

Tiffany the Polaroid Kid

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  1. Tiffany, I'd be proud of those polaroid shots too! I can't wait to see your final project. I LOVE that you and Justina took your bikes out to go explore the public art and public spaces on your own. And how you can spot the performance in a piece! I can't say enough how beautiful and exciting your shots are too. Thanks so much for this post!
    From: Laurie