Monday, July 12, 2010

a little about one of your bloggers

Hey Everybody!

I am Sam Knopp, the kid always busy scribbling down your every word in my trusty notepad! I will also be the one, hopefully, doing a lot of writing for the blog.

I came into this project expecting to get a free guided public art tour and enjoy delicious Terra Bread - yes, I will admit, it was largely the promise of the artisanal bread that brought me here - but since starting the program these initial concerns have been placed to the sidelines, as I’ve found myself becoming increasingly interested in the politics and issues surrounding public art and urban planning.

As the project started to get underway, I had my ideas of creating some sort of visual response to my experience, since being an art student this would be right up my alley. But after writing a few reviews I decided to completely switch gears and step outside my comfort zone by continuing to explore my own writing.

The current plan is to create a series of essays that review each of our sessions, as well as some extra writings on certain topics. I will admit though, I am not a natural writer - it takes me way too long to write a simple paragraph and I feel I lack a lot of the necessary style - but I am eager to better articulate and formalize my thought process!

So there, I guess that is my story. In the meantime please feel free to help me in this experience by either responding to my actual writing (bombs away all you grammar police!) or the content in it. I look forward to working with you all and I hope my reviews will adequately reflect our experiences together.

Sam – the notepad kid

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  1. Heck yah, Sam! That's rad of you to step out of your comfort zone and go for writing the essays. Honestly, reading some of your writing so far, I have no idea that it's a stretch for you to write! Let me say this: wow! There is a great little podcast by Grammar Girl you could check out, it's all about the world of grammar which surprisingly is fascinating.
    Thank you for choosing this final project, it's great to read your ideas on the blog!
    From: Laurie