City and Structure

July 8th, 2010
The day was hot, blue sky and we were at the Downtown Seawall. I enjoyed the day very much.I have been here five years but never been to this part of the city. Every block was surrounded with public art pieces. It felt to me that as if art, daily life and nature came together in this False Creek corner. I loved the piece which stands high end of Davie Street, which shows history of workers and history of the city and back then life. This structure stands strong on it's ground. Looking at this very structural piece it looks very much part of the other modern apartments that surrounds it.
There were many other piece which I found interesting Giant Paint Brush, Red long strip which shows inside of the apartments of the area, Time Top (I love the story of concept developing), I like the beautifully designed place for public or visitor to use.
I am looking forward to more.

Jennifer Sarkar