Thursday, July 15, 2010


Tuesday's meeting was one of the more 'relaxing' meetings we had so far, in the sense that we got to chill and talk beneath the shade accompanied with a nice breeze and sunshine. I enjoyed our talks, when we just share what we know and discuss among the group.

I think Tuesday's meeting made me realize how much I appreciate this group of people I am interacting with. Rarely do I find and connect with a bunch of enthusiastic and entertaining people. Take our talk with Laurie on audio. I realize after I tried out some recording that I am really interested in audio. In this program, we get to experiment with new things, things that normally we would not attempt. Its the little details that we usually do not get to try out that amaze us the most.

As a history geek, knowing that a historic artifact once roam the very land we were standing on blows me away still. I love thinking about what was here before, what IS here now. The shift in eras and trends are well worth observing. It's astonishing to know what life was like centuries before our existence and really, how minimal is our knowledge of this place we call our home. Curiosity drives this program and only experiment can quench our thirst to know more.

Laura Lam

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  1. Wow, Laura, you're so eloquent! It's easy to imagine dinosaurs roaming around with how big different ferns can get here! And that's a good thing to note too, how with any program or group it's the make up of people within it that really shapes it. It's mind blowing for me to be around such smart, keen, talented youth. My new slogan is: teenagers are awesome. :)
    I like that everyone is really curious too, it spurs us all on to find out about more things, particularly about our own city! There's so much I have yet to learn! Thanks so much for your post!
    From: Laurie