Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Foreigner In My Own City

I knew quite a bit about Vancouver's art and culture background before joining the Walking Home Project, but after only five sessions my knowledge has at least DOUBLED. Yesterday (July 14th) I was given the full on history about the Roundhouse Community Centre and how Yaletown transformed from an industrial quarter to the YUPPY community it's now known for. Our incredibly gracious, humble and talented Laurie Dawson gave a small crash course in the art of radio and audio recording.

I love and already journal through image and text, however by incorporating audio as a medium it could enrich the entire process! One thing I also notice is the small changes in how I'm observing my own walking routes outside of the project. In other words, knowing my city pretty well I've taken certain qualities for granted and now I assume that everything my eyes look at is something to be analyzed and appreciated for whatever it's worth... regardless if it's a rock, homeless person, or an impulse materialistic purchase :).

Alongside the radio business, blogging was another headline topic of discussion. It was very insightful to learn about networking, advertising, concept, self-promotion and personal identity in relation to establishing yourself as an artist. Blogs are one of the quickest and cheapest methods to broadcast yourself and what you're representing to the public. It's much harder then it looks, however by the time the project is finished, we'll know more then we ever did beforehand and we have Catherine, Laurie and Bali to thank for that!

Yours Queerly,

Hiiro Prince

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  1. Wow, Hiiro, thanks so much for this. It's really interesting how you talk about looking at your own regular walking routes differently now after being in the program because I find I do the same, I question things more and wonder if there is a story there. I'm also noticing more public art and more keen to find out about the public art I'm noticing, which is so much better than walking along worrying about this or that, actually engaging in with the city in a new way. You have an incredible way of speaking about things- thanks for doing that here too!
    From: Laurie