Monday, July 26, 2010


Pillows by Liu JianHua

Liu Jianhua, the artist of "pillows", worked in the porcelain factories at 15. After being exposed to the New Wave Art movement, he left behind the traditional practice of ceramics and moved on to the domestic objects in fiberglass. He works with the ideas of repetition and arrangement. In this installation "Pillows", his ceramics training can be seen in the painted fiberglass. The pillow, portrays an everyday object.

The pillows looks soft and inviting with a clean white surface, but are in fact, hard and rigid and are not meant to be functional. Because of the placement of these pillows, the original function is denied. The sculpture is very intriguing and people often raise questions as to why these pillows are installed where they are. The sculptures are in fact heavy in weight and are elevated from the ground to properly interpret the pillows.

-Justina F. Lee, the discovery kid.

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