Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tiffany the Polaroid Kid

Wow, this is exciting. My first post!

I'm Tiffany Choi and I'll be the kid who will have my Polaroid work posted! I use the Colorpack II. Probably the best find I have ever found at a garage sale. I shoot in color and as well as black and white (I prefer my black and white film because it comes in finer quality). I actually just started shooting with the camera around the same time as this project started. I'm sure you'll see a progression of my photography as you follow up our blog.

A bit about me. I am a theatre student (my next show is at The Cultch Historic Theatre). I do part-time modelling (you can check that out at my website). I buy everything from thrift stores. If you were to take a photo of my room, you'd probably take a photo of the wall covered completely in records, or a photo of my 1930s baby carriage, or my stuffed animals pinned in a line to my wall that are all wearing vintage sunglasses.

Until next time,
Tiffany the Polaroid Kid.


  1. huzzah! I like the labeling.
    We all need to come up with "the kid" code names i think ;)

  2. What a great picture of your camera! I love that you buy everything at thrift stores, that takes such a patience and perseverance and sounds infinitely more fun than shopping at big box stores, which I am thoroughly guilty of ;) Is that a part of your art practice, buying only from thrift stores? What an interesting element to the work you create. Thanks for your post! From Laurie